CONVERGENCES ARCHITECTURES ET TECHNIQUES is always looking for the most suitable layout solutions for its customers’ programs.
We have an internal multidisciplinary team of architects, and we also coordinate teams of external architects. We organize the study teams in accordance with the established schedule and carry out the drafting of administrative and technical clauses. We ensure a rigorous implementation of the construction sites, in general company or by separate companies according to what is most suitable for the project. Our rigorous control and monitoring ensure the quality of execution that our customers expect.

Project management

Our experience and our ability to address the different aspects of design missions allow us to optimize the management of our projects on all their aspects.
We decompose and structure all projects into stages and tasks that can be planned and organized, in order to anticipate key moments and keep the project within the framework that has been defined.
These methods are applied both to the study phases and to the implementation phases.

Safety and Health Coordination

Our internal team of several A-level approved Safety and Health coordinators. We mainly carry out these missions for our own projects, and also sometimes on other sites.

Energy Performance of Buildings (BEP)

CONVERGENCES ARCHITECTURES ET TECHNIQUES has several internal approved safety and health coordinators at level A. We mainly carry out these missions for our own projects, and also on anfrom times to times on other sites.

Other missions

Feasibility studies

The start of a project requires the consideration of a large amount of data that must be mastered from the outset, in order to avoid pitfalls that are mostly predictable and avoidable.
Our working methods, starting from the specific programming of projects and integrating at all stages the financial aspects, allow our clients to have at each stage the necessary elements for decision-making.

Bim management

Building Information Management is an increasingly marked trend in the development of large projects. The skills acquired by CONVERGENCES ARCHITECTURES ET TECHNIQUES in the different sectors have allowed us to set up methods for integrating and managing the technical, economic and administrative information of our projects.

Cost control

Economic control of projects is an indispensable element for their viability. Our expertise in realistic and complete budget realization allows us to approach different scenarios to help our clients make the right decisions at the right time.
The budget and cost-effectiveness aspects of projects are permanent guides during the various stages of project progress, until their full completion.

Our particular skills bring together in a rigorous way the different techniques and approvals necessary for any real estate project:

  • Certified Investigators
  • Technical advice
  • Stability
  • Special Techniques
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